Circulating air continousoperation
We recommend this mode of operation.
Small consumption - big advantages

30 days permanent run
use only 28,8 kWh

This energy is used to 100%:
a) Ventilation= Circulation of air  approx. 50%
b) Engine loss = Warmth            approx. 50%

The circulating air continuous operation can be also switched off.
For this there is the selector switch.
Circulating air continousoperation ON/OFF

Position 1: Fan constantly runs
Position 2: Fan runs only, even if the heating is switched on.

Textfeld: Technical changes we reserve ourselves.

Electrotherm 5-channel recirculating heater

Night frost


only few hours,

endangers your plants.


The Electrotherm 5-channel recirculating heater protects your plants against frost

and you can extend the greenhouse year

with low energy costs considerably. 



The effect principle of the Electrotherm recirculating heater

is directed against the law of nature

that warm air ascends.

Thus air layers of different temperature develop

On the top the temperature is the highest and on the bottom the lovest.

By the special arrangement of the suction tube, the exhoust pipes and the constant recirculation air operation this layering is reversed on an energy saving way.



Heat scarcely over 32°F (0°C)

saves energy costs

Usual heaters have got a freeze

protection temperature of  41°F (5°C)

plus/minus switching tolerance.


The result of this fact ist the realisation of a minimum temperature above 41°F in meny cases.


The  Elektrotherm recirculating heater  can be setted up scarce above 32°F. 

Thus it saves much energy.



Automatic operation

with temperature control

The temperature regulator makes sure

that the heating is only switched on,

if the temperature at the greenhouse decreases below the adjusted
value (e.g. 35.6°F) (2°C).



The constantly running fan

disperses the warmth also in problem zones.

The gentle air movement helps preventive against  mould fungus.

Works against condensation.

Warm air into the outermost corners.

Above picture shows a possibility, like also with narrow, but longer hobby greenhouses an optimum Distribution of the warm air being reached can.

To place of the normal blowing out pipes arbitrarily long pipes can be attached.

This Alu-flex-pipes can be ordered as option.

Optimal heat distribution by three flow circles - Energy save

Two flow circles move the room air horizontal at ground level.

It cannot be avoided that a part of the warm air ascends into the roof space.

It, in the highest place of the house, is sucked off from there.

With the third flow circle it is carried again downward.


Adjustable attachment borders

can adapted to each greenhouse, shifted in talness and

fastened with slot screws at the house.


Simple assembly

· Fits into each hobby-greenhouse.

· Additional installation at any time possible.

· Assembly on not disturbing place.

· The any condition is a plug socket 240V.


Capillary tube thermostat as special equipment

With this special temperature regulator

you can set up the desired temperature

from  -31°F  to  +104°F.


It works precisely.


It does not rust in the greenhouse atmosphere like the usual bimetal automatic controllers.


It keeps its regulation quality over a long time.


Large customer benefit

· comfortable operation - fully automatic

· new idea with proven technology

· considerable saving of heating cost

· adjustment of temperature is possible to 32°F

· long product durability

· nominal electrical Power         = 2200 Watts

· nominal electrical fan Power    =    40 Watts

· air circulation approx. 130 Cubic yard per hour

Unadulterated clear garden joy by high safety class.

Heating with electricity means highest guarantee for your health
and the greenhouse.

Textfeld: splash-proof 
Textfeld: Airflow-schema

For all hobby-greenhouses


5-channel recirculating heater


3 flow circles for an optimal air circulation









Open the spring season when ever you want.

Extend your greenhouse-year by 50% plus X

30 years  Evelyn Zapke

competence + experience


1 =


recirculating heater

Blow out: 2 channels
Suck in: 3 channels

2 =

attachment borders, adjustable at height and width

3 =

with slot screws

4 =

Suction tube
fetches ascended warm air back from the roof space.

5 =

Blowing out pipes
for heated air

6 =

Air current reversals gently and mildly

7 =

Warm air streams
at the withdrawal heated

8 =

With wall rafters in the house middle
Attachment with the same borders (position 2)

 Best prospects for your
greenhouse world


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